Friday, December 25, 2009

The Important Things

As I sit here in bed at 11:38 on Christmas night I feel the need to write down the little things from this day that may get forgotten over time.  I want to remember the little things like:

  • Eli going to bed with his snow boots on, hat in hand with his Polar Express ticket inside just in case the magical train pulled up outside our house to take him on a Christmas Eve adventure
  • Carson jumping two feet in the air when he saw the LEGO city construction box
  • Al's loving smile as he watched the boys share their new found toys with each other
  • My little sister being taken care of by her new husband since she spent Christmas day not feeling well
  • Carson opening Aunt Yaya and Uncle Keith's gift and telling them he loved it but had found it when he spent the night at their house last week and didn't want to tell him and ruin the surprise
  • Eli playing for hours on end with the Steaming Thomas battery train that Santa and his elves worked so hard on to make for him
  • Hearing Al's parents voices on the phone and wishing they were here to spend more time with us
  • Watching all the doggies cuddle together on the couch and take turns chewing on the ham bone outside
  • Having four generations together in the same room celebrating the birth of Christ
  • Realizing that I am incredibly blessed to have so many friends and family surrounding me in my life and to have the opportunity spend precious time with all of them

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