Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Always Growing

Current stats from yesterday's pediatrician appointments:

Carson- 6 years old

weight- 49.5 lbs (65-70th%)
height- 50 inches (off the charts tall--50% for an 8 year old!!!)
BMI- 7.5 (long and lean)

We need to continue his current asthma regimen and keep up the good work. Carson's 6 year old molars are poking through on the bottom and his front bottom teeth are loose. Hemaglobin was 13.7 and he finished up his Hepatitis A series. Carson didn't cry and watched the whole time. When he was done he picked out a ninja toy from the toy tower. Overall a wonderful 6 year appointment.

Elias- 4 years old

weight- 36.2 lbs (50%)
height- 42 inches (85%)
BMI- 5.5 (long and lean....but great on the growth charts for the first time!)

Eli had a great appointment as well. The ped was quite impressed with his growth over the past year although was didn't like that was still rely on his feeding tube so much. Good nutrition and growth is wonderful any way they get it! Little man's hip was okay although he is still limping on and off with too much activity. He also was started on a 10 day course of Omicef due to a bad episode of aspiration last week that is developing into aspiration pneumonia. Hemaglobin was 13.1 and Eli got a sticky frog out of the toy tower for the blood draw!

It's amazing that they are growing so quickly but so much fun to watch.

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