Monday, November 12, 2007

Update....good news!

Well, after yet another trip to the ped this morning and more changes to his regimen, we are finally peering into a healthier future (I hope!). His lungs still sound crappy but not as bad. He now has a viral ear infection in his left ear. We finished the Zithromax this morning and will finish the Ceftin tomorrow. Today they decided to bump his Orapred back up to twice a day and add Pulmicort to his list of breathing treatments. They also did a quick Pertussis swab since Carson's preschool has had cases (even though Carson's swab on Thursday came back negative and E just finished the treatment for Whooping cough - Zithromax). We also ran over to get another chest x-ray to compare to his from two Saturdays ago. Thankfully the x-ray looks improved so things are finally going in the right direction. Now we just need to stop wheezing, coughing non-stop, having a mild runny nose, and not eating.

Whew. And it's only the beginning of November!

I am waiting to hear what the pulmonologist has to say when we go on 11-21. Hopefully he will have some answers or at least a game plan to get us through the winter months. For now I am happy Eli is on the upswing of this disaster and that we got by without a long hospitalization. I am definitely going to go lay down and relax while the boys nap since Carson brought me home a cold Thursday and I even missed work yesterday because of it! Thanks for keeping tabs on our sick little man. I have fun pictures to post of Eli with a giant snake around his neck soon. Just let me get some R&R first.


Anonymous said...

Wishing Eli a quick recovery. Hope you have gotten some R&R aswell.

Emily said...

Glad to hear things are headed in the right direction!

Shannon said...

Hi Kellie, I didn't know where else to send you a message. The versed was given the night AFTER his spell.