Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Day 4 for little Mr. Eli. After a trip to the ER on Saturday for high fevers, lethargy, and a lovely cough, his x-ray looked oh so pretty. Diagnosis: Aspiration pneumonia and cardiomegaly. Fun times. Sent home with increased Flovent treatments (how can you increase 110mg 2 puffs BID???), Albuterol q2hrs, and the antibiotic Ceftin which is a broad spectrum and should kill just about everything. Monday was still having fevers off and on so we headed to the ped for a check-up. Stats: weight- 28lbs 2oz, height- 37.75". More crackles, sats are *okay*, told to stay on our current regimen and push any and all foods with high calorie/fat that we can.

Last night Eli starts sounding more wet with every cough and his lungs are full of crackles. Then Carson starts throwing up all-night-long. Lovely. Two sick kiddos. Al stayed home this week to tend to the two sickos. They layed around and slept most of the day. When I got home I took Eli to the urgent care to check out the increase in crackles and the nasty, wet cough. They try Atrovent and Albuterol nebs along with some good respiratory assessment. The nebs didn't help and only broke up some of the congestion to INCREASE his wheezing to a beautiful level. The attending hated to put Eli on another round of steriods since he has been on four rounds in the past 2 months but his lungs just were too bad. We are now home on a ten day taper of Orapred (hey, at least it's not Dex this time!) with instructions to see his pulmonologist in two days for a follow-up.

Fun times at our house.

Oh, and Eli is having an impedance study and sleep study to determine if he needs nighttime oxygen and another Nissen fundoplication surgery. I look at my happy, intellegent, coy toddler and know that the outcome of his extreme prematurity could be SO-MUCH-WORSE but it is times like these that I wish I could give him my lungs and take away the struggle to do one of life's basic functions. How I wish I could take it all away and make it better.


Amanda said...

Oh I am sorry! Sounds like you are having a rough winter already. Thinking of you guys and praying that they both feel better soon.

SunnyIvy said...

Hi Kellie, So sorry to hear about Eli being so sick again..Thoughts and prayers that he recovers quickly..I hope Carson's illness is short lived as well.

I hope your job in the NICU is going well also!
Take care..

Anonymous said...

hope eli is feeling better soon poor little guy.

Emily said...

Poor Eli! I hope he starts to feel better soon.

tiffany said...

Prayers being said for Eli to recover quickly! Big hugs. Great he is continuing to grow despite the illness.

Please update us when you can. You guys are in our thoughts,

Tiff and Liam

abby said...

Poor Eli! We send big hugs your way and hope that he's feeling a little better (and sounding a lot better).

baby james said...

So sorry to hear of Eli's sickness, I hope for a speedy recovery, I know how trying sick kiddos can be especially our micro preemies so hang in there I am thinking of you. Tracy

Laura said...

oh no!!!! poor sweet boy. that just sucks. i was so hoping for a healthy season for you guys.
healing hugs for a;; of you.

Ivanna said...

Yuck. the word "pneumonia" actually now makes me hyperventilate a bit. My daughter went through three pneumonias in 5 months in 2005, and each time I swore i couldn't mentally handle another one. I really sympathize. Hope Eli feels MUCH better soon.