Wednesday, February 14, 2007

20 sentences and a pic

Okay, I just typed a huge post about nursing school, Eli, and Carson but blogger is acting up and deleted it all. goes the abridged version.

1.) Nursing school is keeping me incredibly busy.
2.) The boys are doing great.
3.) Ohio weather is crazy
4.) Eli almost certainly will be diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.
5.) It should only affect his fine motor tasks.
6.) He gets to go to school starting in August!
7.) He now has 10 teeth.
8.) Carson is gaining a bit of weight.
9.) Carson is becoming incredibly independent.
10.) He wants to make his own food/drink and dress himself all the time.
11.) My house is suffering.
12.) We got 11" of snow yesterday.
13.) Carson has missed 5 days of school in the past 2 weeks due to weather closings.
14.) I need prayers.
15.) Carson received further diagnosis on Monday (see #14)
16.) I don't want to discuss it here for many reasons.
17.) I may or may not ever discuss it on this blog.
18.) I'm struggling with this and I don't know why b/c it's not that big of a deal.
19.) I love my boys no matter what.
20.) They also said Carson "most likely has a genius IQ"

Okay...there is the short and sweet version. I will get into more details later but I need to study for my nursing exam that I have tomorrow at 11am. Wish me luck on my exam and on dealing with my issues. My hubby did get me a beautiful 1 carat channel set, princess cut diamond wedding anniversary band for V-day and my birthday. It was a highlight of the week!

Enjoy this pic of the boys in the snow from this morning!


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your boys diagnosis. Even though you didn't post any info, I could sense a mother's worry. I will keep your family in my prayers. I always enjoy seeing your updates and pictures of your boys. I really feel like I "know" what you're going through, even though I've only read things from your blog. Many (((Hugs))) and lots of prayers.

Billie said...

Wow Kellie. I feel even more exhausted just reading that post. I'm sorry life is so crazy and hard for you right now, and I am sorry to hear about Carson's new diagnosis. I fully support either decision you make about whether to write about it on the blog.

I do want to let you know that the info you post about your boys medical issues is helpful to other people dealing with similar issues. In fact, I am a school psychologist, but don't have a huge background in medications and their side effects. I had an IEP this week for a little boy, 6-years-old, who is diagnosed with ADHD with a complicated family history of mental illness.

He is taking Adderall, and has recently been having hallucinations (seeing a blue haired monster in his room on the ceiling), and night terrors.

When I heard of this, I immediately thought of Carson and the Adderall and psychosis. So, your blog directly helped me to better help this little boy!

Your little guys are so adorable and I love reading about them. I like the new pic of you too! It's funny how we get to feel like we know someone so well from reading a blog! The internet is a wonderful thing:)

Jessica said...

I hope everything is ok there. I'll pray for good things to happen there. GL on the nursing exam! I am starting nursing study as well:-)

Sherri said...

good luck on your nursing exam! and with the boys they are so cute!
Sherri (june 03 board mommy to madison)

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about Carson's new diagnosis. I bet your boys are loving all that snow. All we ever get here is ice! Eli is getting so big & chubby. I love seeing the new pictures of him.

Maggie said...


Hugs to you. I know you had a lot of words in your blog but one stands out among all of them to me:
19.) I love my boys no matter what.

Just concentrate on that one when you are harboring these rough times.

Hugs and lots of prayers-

tiffany said...

Just want you to know we are all out here in cyberland thinking about you and sending you virtual hugs.

Monkeyhead said...

I hate that things are so rough for you right now and that Carson has a diagnosis that is hard for the both of you.

Lots of CP babies going around these days. They are still the best babies ever.

Big hugs and you know where to find me if you need me.