Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Costume pics

Halloween night was a cold and rainy fourty something degrees here in Ohio so the boys had many layers of clothing stuffed under their costumes. They had a wonderful time trick-or-treating around the neighboorhood. Carson and his little girlfriend who dressed up as Buzz Lightyear (he was Woody) had a blast shouting "Trick-or-Treat" at all the neighboorhood houses. Eli still didn't understand much at all but decided that pointing to things worked well for him. They both brought home a small bounty of candy and toys and went home for a warm bath, bedtime story, and bed. Does anyone else think the extra clothing under Eli's costume makes him look like the Stay-Puff Marshmellow Bee??? Hehehehe....enjoy the pictures!

Sitting on the porch waiting to trick-or-treat

A bee sneaking something sweet!

One serious Woody cowboy and an bee excited about pumpkins


tiffany said...

Oh they are so cute!! Eli looks HUGE! Even taking into acct the clothing it looks like he is growing well. Now did Mommy raid the candy? :)

Lisa said...

Wow! So cute... Tiff is right, Eli looks enormous. I love this pointing age!