Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Training Wheels!!

Elias made a huge step in development this afternoon at Gigi and Bobpop's house. He is officially riding his bike without training wheels! The begging began about two months ago to get out the wrench and take off the safety net. We raised the wheels around June and then again in August. He has been practicing riding down the sidewalk without either training wheel "making noise" for the past month. Finally today my dad decided it was time and off he went! He didn't struggle and was zooming up and down the hill for about 20 minutes.

We kept warming Elias to SLOW DOWN and not ride like a kamikaze. He didn't listen and the result wasn't pretty. Rounding a corner, he clipped a patch of grass and spun out. I heard his skin scrape across the sidewalk from my parent's front porch. Once I reached him he was crying and bloody. Carson walked his bike back to the house for him and I carried the soon to be band-aid boy.

Once he was bandaged up and had sufficient hug time, he was back on the bike and zooming down the hill again. Lesson NOT learned but boys will be boys and Elias is ALL boy!


3D ultrasounds said...

Oh what happened with you little fellow.Take Care of your self.

Benita Wheeler said...

I was prissy tomgirl. I have been scraped up too many times with a bike stunt.
I am glad he survived.(smile)