Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wedding Shower

I threw my little sister a bridal shower today and it was so much fun! I cannot believe Lori is getting married in just three weeks. It seems like I was just bouncing like a lunatic on the trampoline all summer long. Who told her she could grow up and become so successful, beautiful, and confident? much for the bossy big sister gig. I better switch into Matron of Honor mode and fast!!

The shower was a blast and so many of Lori's great friends and family were able to come. Thanks to everyone who made it memorable for her. She missed everyone who couldn't be there but the turnout was fantastic. I just can't wait to watch my little sister walked down the isle on the 22nd. I bet there will be a few tears coming from my eyes! Here are a few pics from the event taken on the fly. Mom has the better pics but unfortunately I don't have access to those yet.

Typical Mom and Lori

Brooke and Ashley

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Grandma Helen and the Blushing Bride

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