Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Open wide!

The Tooth Fairy has arrived at our house to gather Mr. Carson's first tooth! Our wild man lost his bottom tooth the other night while pulling a straw through his teeth. He was quite shocked when his wiggly tooth was no longer attached but instead laying on his lap. After much anticipation and excitement, our big man finally lost that precious first tooth at 6 years old. Most of the kids in his kindergarten class last year had already been visited by the magical tooth fairy and Carson was becoming increasingly inpatient.

He wrote the tooth fairy a note and left his tooth under his pillow. Since he just happened to be having a sleep over at Gigi and Bobpop's house that night, the tooth fairy made a pit stop at their house as well as ours! Carson was overjoyed to find two letters (both in red ink which is her favorite color to write in) in addition to money. What is better to a 6 year old boy except a magical money giving fairy who also corresponds?! Overall the toothless wonder made out for his first lost tooth. The fairy left items at both sets of grandparents houses, our house, and several aunts. Much daydreaming ensued over the multitude of items he could purchase with his tooth loot. He decided to buy a digger for the sand and dirt. Quite fitting. But I had him read the price at the store, count out the correct money for the cashier, and buy it on his own. These lessons aren't free!

In honor of the missing tooth, the boys headed off to the dentist for another cleaning and check-up. Carson sat through it all like an old pro and was beaming when the hygienist asked him about the hole in his smile. Elias was a big more leery but once he was allowed to hold some of the equipment and flirt with the staff a bit, he opened right up. Both boys had no cavities and were given a gold star for great brushing. They picked out new toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and of course a little toy.

We didn't realize how soon the Tooth Fairy would be visiting our house after the visit and quickly learned that brushing your teeth can cause you to loose them too! Carson came running downstairs from his room after brushing and held up his 2nd lost tooth. The matching bottom tooth came right on out into the sink and you could already see the ideas of tooth fairy visits running in his head. If anyone sees Carson, ask him to say a tongue twister with S's quite amusing.

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