Saturday, March 07, 2009

Badges of Boyhood

Today was an unusual March day for Ohio weather. Over 70 degrees, windy, and perfect for two little boys to play all day outside. Carson and Elias spent the day riding bikes, flying kites, digging in dirt, and getting into mischief like every young boy should on a day like today. The two of them looked like they had taken a bath in the back of a dump truck and then spun around in a cement mixer for a few hours once nap time rolled around. Every small request from, "Can you please put your shoes on the steps?" to "It's time for nap now, head upstairs" was met with tears and spaghetti noodle limbs.

Awww...the moment you know as a parent that your children are beyond exhausted from playing their hearts out. When they fall to the floor into a pile of childhood flesh needing a good hug. This is what the beautiful day brought to our house this afternoon. Unfortunately it also brought a few reminders from their great adventures. Carson is now the proud owner of a gash on his elbow, upper arm, and forehead from racing on his bike AND tripping on the playground. Elias, not to be outdone by his older brother, decided he would take flight off of his bike too. His new nickname is Rudolph and he keeps asking when the skin on his nose is going to grow back.

A few scrapes, band aids, kisses, and hugs later all was well again at our house and the boys were off to dreamland. They both couldn't wait to show me their war wounds when I came home from work tonight. Their badges of boyhood.

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