Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cast Off

Today was the big day .... off with the cast!! Elias had his whole day planned out. He was going to school, eating lunch, playing with trucks, getting the "stinky green cast" off, then coming home for the longest bubble bath known to a preschooler. Thankfully that is exactly how the day went (with a trip to Starbucks for a treat thrown in after his ortho appt). The only unfortunate part to the entire day was when Eli tried to walk for the first time.

He simply could. not. do. it. ACKK! What were we going to do? He was crying because he was scared. I was nervous because of what a big set back this was in his muscle strength. Carson was worried about his little brother. And Al just wanted everyone to calm down and recollect. The ortho said it will take Elias awhile to get back to walking normally because he lost a lot of muscle mass in both legs on top of his underlying hypertonia and tight tendons. He basically has to relearn to stretch out that ankle and straighten out his hip and knee correctly again.

The poor thing is scared to walk not and gets very frustrated. He said the kids will make fun of him and call him a baby at school. He is doing a bit better after his bath and a good, long stretch. My God was his leg nasty! Al wouldn't even touch it. The skin was sloughing off and stunk to high heaven. He also has some reddened areas along his bony prominences from cast pressure that will need to heal. The xray looked great though and we don't have to see ortho again!! Back to full time physical therapy and adaptive physical education. YAY!


abby said...

Poor guy! I hope his muscles have a lot of memory and that he's up and running soon.

jenjyrel said...

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