Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Ohio State Fair

Today was opening day at the fair and I just happened to have a day off. We packed up the boys and headed out of the house looking for some good ol' fashioned fun. I had a dermatology appointment in the morning and unfortunately it took a little bit longer than expected due to them needing to biopsy a place on my left arm. The boys were FULL of energy the time I was done being sliced, diced, and stitched up. We pulled into the fair and you would have thought the boys were in heaven. They couldn't figure out what they wanted to do first. Thankfully Daddy was there to direct us towards the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Carson and Elias loved looking at them (so did mommy). They were beautiful and gigantic.

Next up was the sheep showing arena where poor Carson almost threw up due to his sensitivity to smells. Elias on the other hand was trying to pet and kiss every sheep we passed. He said they were "nice sheepies". The craft area was next door to the sheep area so we made a quick run through the shops. The BMV had a drunk driving display and seat belt demonstration. Carson was very interested in seeing the car that was completely totaled and then hearing that the state trooper driving the car that was hit, lived because of his seat belt use. He kept reminding Al and I that we should "always, always wear our belts because that is the SAFEST thing to do". My little safety boy.

We finally made it over to the agriculture barn and the boys were able to pet baby chicks and ducks, see soy bean crops, puppies, and ride little John Deer tractor tricycles. They had so much fun in this building. There was a giant play train set up here and the boys just watched and watched it go around forever. It may have been the highlight of the day.

We ended the fair with a stop by the dairy barn for cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk just like I had as a kid. Carson gobbled his up and asked for seconds while Elias picked at his and finally ate just the cheese with no bread. I treated myself to a funnel cake on the way out and the boys nibbled around the edges too. The fair was a lot of fun and Carson and Elias both were worn out by the time we walked back to the car.

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