Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Peek

Just a quick update and a few pics before I head to bed. Happy Birthday to our two amazing boys!!! Five years ago Carson arrived at 30 weeks gestation at 11:47 am. Three years ago Elias arrived at 25 weeks gestation by emergency c-section under general anesthesia at 1:48 pm. They are exactly 2 year, 2 hours, and 1 minute apart. And look at them now!!

Happy 5th Birthday Carson!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Elias!!!

I can't believe they are growing up so fast. They both have strep throat today but we had a great day together anyway. I have TONS and TONS to update on. IEPs, developmental assessments, ER visits, two birthday parties, new height/weight stats, end of school wrap ups, and a vacation to TN. But for tonight I am going to leave you with a few sneak peeks of the birthday madness.

I promise I will get to the updating once the strep throat and doctor appointments settle down. Plus I have so many pictures to share that I'm busting at the seams to get them out to everyone!


Michelle said...

Hey Kellie, I wasn't Carson's size until I was in the 6th grade. What do you feed them? Miracle Grow?

Amy R. said...

I didn't realize your boys had the same b-day!!! Happy birthdoy to moth of those handsome boys :)

Marie said...

Happy birthday boys! it's amazing the journey you've been one. Glad everyone is doing well!