Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I was re-organizing my computer photo albums this past weekend in between work shifts (yes, I'm back to on that later) and chasing the munchkins around and found some striking similarities in past pictures. Carson and Eli definately look similar from the front but their eyes are not only different colors (C-blue, E-hazel), but different shapes as well. Then in almost every profile pic I saw from Carson's earlier days I saw Eli's profile staring back at me. Here are two pics from the boys taken when they were both 29 months old.



After reading Billie's comment this morning, I decided to add a baby picture of myself to show everyone who the boys look like instead of just telling you. What do you they look like me?



Jessica said...

wow, no kidding! Looks like the same kid! Thats pretty neat:)

Billie said...

WOW! So, who do they look like, you or Daddy?

Amanda said...

Thats cool! They defintely look just like you!!!

Billie said...

They look just like you! And I love the baby bootie pic:)

Shana said...

Yep, they look just like you!

I have baby pictures of me that look just like Andrew too. Everyone that sees him that has known me since I was a baby comments on how much he looks like me. :o)