Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Life Lesson

Today was a hard day. A close friend of my little sister's was killed in a car accident on Wednesday at the young age of 22. They grew up together starting from first grade. We were on swim team together throughout out childhood, worked together as life guards at the local pool, and even lived in the same neighboorhood. Our parents continue to go out for drinks on occasion and play cards a few times a year. His dad lives a few houses down from my parents and a smile and wave from Sean was a welcome occurance after dropping off or picking up the boys from their house through the past few years.

Today was his showing. It's never easy going to a showing of someone you have known for years and years. It is even harder when the life lost is young and vibrant. Full of love and life and joy. Sean was a neat kid and it is an incredible loss to those who he touched in his 22 years here. May he rest in peace and continue to enjoy the art, music, and good wine wherever he is as he did here with those that he loved and that loved him. I pray that his family is able to find some sort of peace in the coming months and years. I hope my little sister is able to deal with loosing yet another classmate and friend (she has lost so many out of their graduating class already).

As a mother I have held my boys a little tighter once again because it is amazing how quickly life can change. They each got extra kisses and hugs tonight and Carson probably thought Mommy was a little crazy for wanting to snuggle longer at bedtime instead of turning out the lights early. I hope I never have to deal with the loss of one of my children. We have come too close a few times but to have that reality is unthinkable.

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