Friday, January 19, 2007

Grow baby, Grow!

Eli went to the pediatrician today for a follow-up appointment for his asthma and ear infections. Unfortunately he still has wheezing in his lungs even with the Flovent added in two times a day. They want us to reintroduce Albuterol q6hr this weekend to see if we can open his lungs up and keep him from escalating into a full blown asthmatic crisis. It doesn't help that he has BPD on top of his asthma either.

Now on to some good news, no new ear infections to report today! Eli still had some residual fluid left in both ears from his double ear infection last month but no new inflammation or fluid build up. Hooray for the absence of ear infections for once!

Just when I thought we were going to escape the doctor without a script for an antibiotic, his ped saw his g-tube site. I wanted him to take a look at it anyway b/c it had been looking icky (great medical term, huh?!) and Bactroban wasn't clearing it up. Well, Eli has another g-tube infection and he earned himself a script for Omnicef. Hopefully his site will look better by his surgeon appointment next Thursday.

The best news of the day came at the beginning of the appointment though. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for our little man to finally grow length wise and it looks like he did it!! After making such huge strides in his weight gain over the past 6 months, Eli has gained some ground in the length race too. After an official weight of 24 pounds even (again), Eli measured a whopping 33.25" long. YAY! For his adjusted age of 15.5 months Eli is in the 90th% for length and 40th% for weight. For his actual age of 19 months he is in the 60th% for length and the 20th% for weight!! YAY Eli (yes, I know I'm abusing the exclamation points in this paragraph but I can't help it!)!!! His weight-for-length percentage has climbed from being so far below the charts that they were going to admit him 6 months ago for FTT, to being in the 17th% today :)

Our little man is growing up (both figuratively and literally), talking, running, climbing, and teasing his brother to death. Our house is so much fun right now.


Sherri said...

yeah eli! i finally have a blog spot so i can actually post comments now :) I am sherri from the june 03 board btw. I read your updates on your blog all the time i have been following eli (and praying for him) since he was born :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Eli! Way to go on the growth buddy! You have passed Alex up on both height and weight, and you are younger than him! :)

Love the pics of Carson and Eli, they are too cute!

Candice & Alex

tiffany said...

That is wonderful Kellie! You must be so proud and relieved. I am amazed how well he has grown. Do you think it is that formula that you said is 60% MCT oil? Will they cut back on it now or continue? (We finally passed the 21 lb hurdle but feel miles away from 24! I wish there was a magic pill!!)

Cute photos by the way. Let us know what happened with Carson's med stuff too. Tiff and Liam

Maggie said...

Hooray for Eli!!! 33 inches! Wow! Keep it up :)