Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy birthday boys!

It's been almost two years since posting in our blog! Life is hectic and wonderful and blogging needed to take an extreme back seat. Being busy certainly makes time move faster and today we're celebrating Carson's 9th and Elias' 7th birthdays. Every day these boys amaze me and our journey continues to be an adventure.



58 inches tall and 77 pounds of pure energy. He has developed a love for running and basketball this year. Two weeks ago was his first basketball camp and his team won a medal for winning the overall tournament! Track camp starts tomorrow and he cannot wait to participate in the track meet on Friday. Carson is a sweet and compassionate boy. His dream is to become an engineer for LEGO after college and create elaborate building sets. Blue remains his favorite color and he has dicovered music and psuedo break dancing this spring.


50 inches tall and around 45 pounds of sass. Always the comedian, Elias discovered the fun in sarcasm this year. He has his own style and insists on wearing full suits with a tie to school about 30% of the time. Math and reading are his strong subjects and he is a constant chatterbox. He is going to track camp this week as well. One day he would like to be either a train conductor (yes we are still a train lover!) or the President of the United States. With his sweet talking skills and sly smile, I wouldn't put it past him. Green is his favorite color and pepper and mangos are his favorite foods.


Happy birthday boys! You have come a long way and I can't wait to watch you continue to learn and grow.

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